Get up to $250 in bonus e-gift card value with the UGO wallet Summer Bonus Offer

Get up to $250 in bonus e-gift card value! Grow an e-gift card bonus this summer! Get $5 in bonus e-gift card value for every $100 Gift Card or Esso™ and Mobil™ e-gift card you buy by August 21. Enter promo code WEBSAVER20 when registering.

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Customers will earn a bonus e-gift card value of $5 for every purchase of a $100 Gift Card or Esso and Mobil e-gift card by August 21, 2020. Customers can qualify for $10 bonus value per day up to a $250 total bonus value during the campaign. Bonus value will be granted in e-gift card(s) for the merchant purchased. New customers may be subject to a 24 hour hold while their new account is being processed before purchases can be made.

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