The reality of travelling is that it’s expensive but there are a few things you can do cut down the costs and budget your spending. Here’s the low down on how to plan trips and to save money while still enjoying your trip.

Choose the right destination

It’s highly important to understand currencies in other countries and what they mean in terms of your country. For example, if you want to save money while on your trip places like South America and South East Asia are great because they have a low cost of living and you can spend without going overboard.

Book your flights early

Try to book as early as possible and use a website to compare prices. Try not to go travelling during peak holiday times. Also booking a ticket mid-weekday like Tuesday and Wednesday is when you’ll get the best price.

Hotels vs. living locally

Traditionally, a lot of people will book a hotel for their vacation needs, which is fine, but a smaller boutique hotel or a room on Airbnb will give you great deals and the ability to live like a local. Another tip is to try to book early for hotels, try to book this a bit after you book your flight.

Roaming and cellphones

We all want to be connected to our social media but you have to keep in mind that your plan wasn’t made to be used outside of your country. You could get a Prepaid Sim for your trip or you could see if your provider has a plan that is suitable for you outside your country. Might as well spend a bit to save a lot.

Travel cards

Lastly, to save money use travel cards, these cards will give you the convenience of cash with more security. They also have lower fees and don’t experience fluctuating exchange rates. Also, always keep cash on you and pay in the local currency.

Here’s a few more tips:

  • Some countries allow you to claim back taxes on your purchases at the airport. While shopping bring your passport and lookout for shops that have tax free signs. At the counter ask for a tax refund form (these are common at outlet malls.)
  • Eat where the locals go
  • Research the public transport prior to the trip.

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