Canada has some brutal weather but it's finally clearing up, let's hope I didn't speak too soon. But why not prep your garden now and relax in your outdoor space later. Here are 5 tips that help you get your garden ready for spring.

1. Clean Up the Mess

First you have to clean off the garden beds, lawn, leaves, and other debris that has collected. It's important to start doing these chores as soon as the spring bulbs and plants start popping out of the ground. The earlier this is done the better chance you have to revive your garden and grow all the plants you want.

2. Get Out Those Garden Tools

Your tools have been stuck in a shed or garage for the whole winter and not that it's almost time to use them, you want to make sure that they are ready for the job. Cleaning off your tools with regular dishwashing soap and water will make them shine. Using mineral spirits also generically known as paint thinner, on wood handles can help prevent the wood from splintering.

3. Soil Care

Make sure that your soil is ready for planting. Begin with flipping the soil with a pitch fork or rake, clear out any weeds and then add fresh compost from a compost bin you have from your house or you could start one by keeping all your green waste (peels of fruits and vegetables). Make sure that you also add manure or compost about two weeks before your start planting, so that it has time to mix well with your soil.

4. Plan It Out

Plan where you want to plant all your vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. Also, make sure to plan according to height because you wouldn't want your taller plants to block the sun from the shorter ones.

5. Maintain

Lastly, maintain your plants during the entire spring and summer season. Make sure to cut off the drooping flowers from the rest of the healthy stem. Also, adding some mulch to the garden will help with the upkeep during the summer and add a bit of nutrients to the soil.

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