There are significant differences between charcoal and gas barbecues. There are several factors to consider when selecting which type to purchase. These considerations include budget, type of cooking you wish to undertake, size of the barbecue, and skill level of the cook.

Gas BBQs

Using a gas barbecue is more comparable to cooking inside. This means that people who are not familiar with charcoal barbecuing may feel more comfortable starting with a gas product since they will run into fewer difficulties. People who are in places in which open flames are not permitted or apartments will also benefit from purchasing the gas option. Gas barbecues are excellent both for beginners as well as those who are proficient in various methods of grilling. Beginners can use smaller units as they allow for a nice transition into serious grilling.

Charcoal BBQs

Charcoal barbecues vary depending on size and shape. For those who rarely barbecue but like to grill, there are barbecues available that are smaller and shallower than the standard size for those who barbecue more often and in larger quantities. Barbecuing means that the meat is cooked directly above a bed of coals and is often basted with a mop. It requires a low, sustained cooking temperature. Many people that barbecue in this manner opt for various sizes of barrel pits. These pits can be equipped with fireboxes that allow the pit to also be used as a barrel smoker.

Other types of Grills and Grilling

These are available in a limited amount of sizes. A traditional size resembles a 50 gallon drum. Smokers will have a smaller barrel than typical barrel-style barbecue pits. People who own this type often also use smaller barbecues in order to grill. Grilling is generally defined as cooking the food item over high intense heat to produce a sear and preserve the juiciness and tenderness. Kettle style grills or barbecues can be utilized for both grilling and barbecuing. The best brands feature quality enameling, and with top and bottom vent systems. They also feature wheels, ash catchers, grill plates that open on both sides and strong handles. Recently, ceramic egg style charcoal barbecues have also become available in a limited amount of sizes.

Finally, proficient grillers are only limited by the amenities on their gas barbecues. These systems are mainly constructed of stainless steel with several grilling levels and grilling areas, depending on the temperature that is necessary for the task. They are also a more versatile option because many have several methods by which smoking and charcoal grilling can also be done. These barbecues may also feature electric stove top type heating elements. All of the higher end charcoal and gas barbecues will feature strategically placed accessory holders and preparation platforms. These should be stainless on gas options and iron on the charcoal counterpart.

Well there you have it. Take these key decision criteria into account when selecting between a gas or a charcoal BBQ and you'll be grilling in no time.

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