Summer is in full swing and the heat shouldn’t stop us from having fun. Need a few ways to beat the heat? Turns out there are a lot of innovations available to help keep you cool during those scorching hot days. We have compiled a list of what we think are the coolest ways to keep cool!

1. Air conditioner

If you live somewhere hot, an air conditioner is a miracle invention. It can turn rooms which are sweltering hot into an oasis of comfort and refreshment.

4 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner from Rona for $289.00

2. Water bottle

Anyone who’s spent the day at the beach or hiking in the heat knows how fast a bottle of water can go from cold to warm. As frustrating as this is, it can be stopped with a metal water bottle such as the S’well bottles. They’ll keep your water cold for hours.

S'well Stainless Steel Water Bottle from for $58.00

3. Mist cooler

An air conditioner is great to have when it’s hot outside and you’re inside. But what do you do if you want to beat the heat and have fun in the sun? Mist coolers are great because they’ll keep you cool and refreshed while out in the sun.

Lava Aire Italia Misty Cooler from for $278.88

4. Cooling mat

Getting comfortable in the heat is difficult especially when trying to get a good night sleep. If you feel hot when you sleep, cooling mats cool down your body during the night to help you wake up refreshed.

Deluxe Cooling Foldable Mat Pad from for $54.64

5. Cooling clothes and accessories

Who thought layering clothing could keep you cool. A cooling vest or cap is great because it’ll keep your body temperature regulated and provides hours of cooling relief. You just have to soak the items in water and you’ll stay cool.

TechNiche Cooling Sport Vest from for $53.36

6. Fans

Fans are the go to summer cooling gadget but why not upgrade your fan. This Dyson fan doesn’t actually use blades but an air multiplier technology to accelerate the air through it. It has a sleeker design, isn’t as loud as the usual fans, and it uses less energy.

Dyson Fan from for 349.99

Check out all the products listed at, so that you can beat the heat this summer.

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