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From its inception was conceived with the intention of bringing together Canadian consumers shopping for products online with the Online Stores and Merchants that sell these products. When Canadian consumers search on they’re either looking for product information or they’re ready to buy the products then and there.

This consumer intent provides Merchants with an outstanding opportunity to reach motivated and highly targeted Canadian consumers with the right product offer at the right time. Whether you’re selling electronics products, sofas, fashion accessories, shoes, vitamins or whatever else provides you with a powerful platform to reach the right customer, with the right product offer at the right time.

Online Merchants can purchase Product Listings on that display their product offers to consumers who are searching for those products. For example, if you sell ‘Espresso Machines’ you can choose to have your Product Listings displayed when a consumer searches for “espresso machines” or “espresso makers”. In this manner you can ensure that your Product Listings are displayed to targeted and interested consumers.

The benefits of Product Listings to Online Merchants: More Sales, More Customers and a superior Return on Investment.

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